How A Healthy Smile Can Boost Your Confidence

In a world where your first impression is usually your last, the thought of not having a brighter smile might impact your self-esteem. Every time a person opens up their mouth, their teeth are on parade. With that being said, it can be slightly nerve wracking knowing that all eyes are on your teeth. Especially, if you feel that your teeth are not at their best. It is that type of insecurity that plagues the minds of some people. Believe it or not, a whiter smile can be the cornerstone to a person’s positivity. A brighter smile not only provides a better self-image, but many people are drawn to pretty teeth. Missing a tooth, discoloration, and anything else in between may give a person the impression of an un-kept mouth. Feeling uncomfortable with your teeth prevents you from smiling hard or laughing. This inadvertently indicates to others that you are not approachable or friendly. Besides the necessary maintenance that goes along with a healthier mouth there are a few upsides.

The Benefits

The benefits of your teeth whitening experience are, a rise in a person’s s social status, a healthy outlook, and a boost in confidence. A person’s new found confidence can now be expressed through their social life. In the essence of the phrase, “When you smile,” is the motto that transcends in this case. Smiling is highly contagious and for the most part, once you flash it they will come. The aspect of the flashing smile does display to other people that you care about your appearance and health. Being that it is more than the superficial a healthier appearance speaks volumes. After all, most communication is non-verbal. So if that is true, then how does your smile define you?

For some human beings, not feeling good about their teeth has caused them to be reserved or closed off. In a situation like this a simple teeth whitening procedure can change a person’s life. With the boost in confidence it can give a man or woman new meaning to the word living. Our world is full of daily interactions with people. But, if you are not confident enough in yourself those interactions will seriously decline. For example, if you are on a job interview where talking is essential, it can easily turn out to be a highly stressful situation. The pressure to focus on the interview may escape a person’s mind if their main concern is on their teeth. Most people can generally sense when someone is holding back. Whitening your teeth may not be the answer to all of your problems, but it is a start. A definite confidence booster can take you out of your element and make you bolder.

The Health Problems that Can Stem from Missing Teeth

By the time that they are 30, more than 70% of the people in the United States have lost at least one tooth. Most have lost more than that. The average number of teeth that middle aged adults have is around 25. There are many reasons that people lose their teeth. Diseases, damage from accidents and age are some of the most common reasons for tooth loss.

Many may look at a lost tooth as an inconvenience. Depending on where the tooth was they may think that they do not need to do anything about their lost tooth. Some will think that replacing a missing tooth or teeth is expensive. Others will dread the thought of going to a dentist to have the tooth replaced. While people can give plenty of reasons for not fixing any missing teeth, they should realize that not doing it can cause many more problems.

The Problems of Disease

When a tooth is lost due to decay or disease, the health problems that can be created will only get worse over time. Teeth are not locked into position like many people may think they are. When one tooth is missing, the other teeth can drift over into the place where the tooth was. This can create opportunity for further decay and will eventually lead to losing more teeth.

The structure of the bone is also impacted by periodontal disease. The bone will become weaker and softer and can end up damaging the structure of the jaw. The bone tissue needs stimulation to thrive and stay healthy. When the teeth are not in place, this does not happen and leads to more deterioration of the bone structure.

Other problems can also result due to poor dental health. The infections in the mouth and the disease associated with tooth decay can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system. It is important for people realize the connection that all of the systems in the body have to each other and when one system is missing a part, it can affect many other parts of the body.

Lack of Nutrition

One of the things that is not always thought of is the importance of the teeth in following a healthy diet. Teeth are used to chew the foods that we eat. When we have a full set of healthy teeth, it is possible to eat all of the foods that are around us. That helps provide the body with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. When teeth are lost people may change their eating habits. They will avoid foods that become difficult to chew and this could mean the person is not getting all of the things their body needs. It can create a long list of health problems.

Missing teeth can cause both physical and emotional problems for an individual. If they want to be happy and healthy it is always best to look at the available options to replace teeth that have been lost.