The Benefits of Full Mouth Dentures

Statistics show that as many as 35% of people over the age of 65 will have lost all of their teeth due to disease, damage or old age. Despite the fact that people are taught from an early age about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, there are still plenty of people that need to find a way to replace the teeth that they no longer have. There are usually tow options for people to consider. Dentures and dental implants are the most popular way. Replacing all of the missing teeth with dental implants costs an average of $34,000 and may not be covered by any type of insurance. The cost of implants is why many people end up turning to full mouth dentures. These can be found for an average of around $3,000 and are more likely to be covered by insurance.

The cost difference may be the biggest benefit to full mouth dentures, but it is not the only thing that people will find is more useful to them. When looking at full mouth dentures it is best to consider the other benefits that are offered.

  • Stopping bone loss – Without the teeth the bone structure can become weaker and will deteriorate. The full mouth dentures are able to provide the support to the bone structure to prevent this from happening.
  • Supporting the facial muscles – When the teeth are not in place, the muscles of the face will work in different ways. They will lose their strength and it will affect the appearance around the jaw and teeth. The dentures keeps the structure of the mouth the way it is supposed to be and makes the muscles of the face work to maintain their strength.
  • Nutritional needs – Without teeth, eating is much more difficult. A person will struggle to eat the balance of foods they need because of the inability to chew foods properly. Full mouth dentures allow people to eat all of the foods they need to stay strong and healthy.
  • Clarity of speech – Without the teeth in place, it can be difficult to talk or understand a person. The dentures allow for clarity of speech in the same way that natural teeth do.
  • Put a smile on the face – When the dentures are well-made, properly cared for and when they fit, a person can let their smiles out without fear of others looking at them. This will make a person feel better both physically and emotionally.

Full mouth dentures may not be something that people want to think about having, but the reality is that many people will benefit from them. With the full mouth dentures in place, a person can face every day with the confidence that they can lead a normal and happy life.