Why Digital X-rays are Beneficial to your Oral Health

If you are worried about the risks involved with dental x-rays, you can rest assured that digital x-rays are a safe alternative. This new form of dental technology not only makes it safer for patients because it emits 90 percent less radiation than standard x-rays, but also because it provides us with a more detailed look inside your mouth, allowing us to detect dental issues in their earliest stages. Among these benefits, are many others that many patients enjoy:

  • The ability to see the results right away. With traditional x-rays, there was a time lapse between when the x-rays were taken and when the results were available. Digital x-rays, on the other hand, provide the results immediately, portraying them on a computer screen right in front of you. This gives everyone the ability to review the results together and to discuss a treatment plan right away.
  • The ability to manipulate the results to get a better view. With traditional x-rays, if something needed to be seen up closer or an area is not easily seen, additional x-rays needed to be taken. With digital x-rays, the areas can be viewed up close by zooming in or changing the contrast, making it easier to see the areas of concern.
  • The ability to transfer x-rays quickly. If you have a dental issue that requires the assistance of a specialist, we are able to transfer your images via computer in seconds. This gives the specialist time to review your images before you have your appointment, making better use of everyone’s time and eliminating the need to have further x-rays performed.

Digital x-rays are safe and can literally save your oral health. They can be used to detect tooth decay that is not recognized with the naked eye; gum disease; gum recession; bone loss; and even oral cancer. The earlier that you catch any of these dental health issues, the easier the treatment as well as more successful. You only get one chance at having your natural teeth, use today’s dental technology to help you keep those teeth in perfect condition for many years to come!