What Happens If Your Dentures Don’t Fit Right?


Image Credit: http://www.deardoctor.com/inside-the-magazine/issue-13/loose-dentures/

The science behind dentures is very basic, they should not cause pain and they should be comfortable. If you are noticing that your dentures fit uncomfortably or if they are causing pain, then this is a sign that they do not fit right and it is time for a checkup with your dentist.

Dentures should fit snugly on the gums and not slide around. Pain from dentures comes as a result of an ill-fitting prosthesis as it rubs against the gums, which in turn causes swelling and soreness in the mouth. This is when problems can arise. Left untended to or untreated, the pain that is associated with the ill-fitted denture will cause increased pain and will lead to an increased chance of infection.

Pain caused by improperly fitted dentures can easily be prevented, as can the problems that are associated with it. By visiting your dentist regularly for checkups, cleaning and relines, and also by having your denture rebuilt every 5 to 7 years you can help to ensure a long-lasting healthy life of your dentures.

Why Do My Dentures Not Fit Right?

Regardless of whether or not your dentures fit right in the beginning, the fitting is likely to change over time, this is only natural. Normal wear and tear can affect the way that the denture fits as the piece may have become slightly altered. Additionally, it is likely that your mouth too has changed. Patients with missing teeth experience 1mm of bone loss every year, which results in the shrinking of the jaw. Once the mouth has changed and dentures now fit improperly, the rubbing against remaining bone will actually cause more bone loss.

Bone atrophy or bone loss that occurs under a denture is inevitable. With the shrinkage of the jaw and natural changes that occur within the gum tissue there is really no way to prevent ill-fitting dentures, which can lead to pain, decay and infection. Seeing your dentist regularly will help you to better manage the symptoms that might arise due to an ill-fitting denture and help to keep you more comfortable and satisfied with your replacement solution.

If you are tired of your poorly fitting denture, there are other solutions available to you, for instance, dental implants, which are surgically installed into the jawbone itself resulting in the most natural looking and functioning replacement option available.