Dreading the Inevitable: Help Children Overcome the Fear of A Dentist

As a kid, the dentist can be a scary place. With all of the frightening tools and the never ending wait in the lobby that only takes ten minutes, it is enough to put fear in most children. Not to mention that most adults are terrified of the dentist as well. Unfortunately, you can’t put off good dental hygiene, especially when it comes to kids. The enjoyment of the always in demand sweet tooth, accompanied by a growing child can translate into a few visits. Although, to a young person, it may seem like the dentist is some form of punishment. But with a parents’ guidance, going to the dentist won’t be horrifying, it would just be routine.

Easing the Visit

There are several ways to assist a child in being comfortable with their dentist visit. For starters, parents can talk with their kids letting them know the importance of a healthy smile. One way of doing this is to allow your child to go to a dentist that caters to children. The atmosphere can be less stressful and in some cases it may even be a fun experience. Upon the initial visit, it is imperative that a parent answers any questions truthfully without instilling fear. Giving them praise along the way can definitely boost their confidence. However, it doesn’t hurt to bring a toy with the child to make the area more homelike. On the other hand, most pediatric clinics have a few toys in their offices already. A parent can also show their child just how brave they were at the dentist by taking them out afterwards.

The fear of the unknown causes many of the anxieties that children face when being confronted with the dentist. Thoughts may swirl in their heads that it is an awful place brought to them by their parents. Taking children around to a few family or pediatric dental clinics may help them to feel at ease. Introducing them to the dentist beforehand is a great way to view their response and it will prepare the kids for their upcoming visit. The more they go, the more it will be a piece of cake, maybe. The positive aspects of the dentist should be addressed early with examples of good teeth brushing habits. The dentist can work with the parents to calm a child’s worry when they come to the office. The professionals can recommend books or maybe some kid friendly videos that a child can entertain. Overall, each child is different and it is up to the parents to ensure that their child has a pleasant experience. Even though every visit will definitely not be a nice occurrence giving children the facts will make for a smooth transition.